Price List

2019 Price List

All prices listed are per class and are inclusive of GST.

Ballet – Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
Toddlers Ballet Class$16.50(1/2 hour)
Pre-Primary Ballet$16.50(1/2 hour)
Primary Ballet$18.00(3/4 hour)
Grade 1 – 3 Ballet$18.00(3/4 hour)
Grade 3 – 8 Ballet$19.50(1 hour)
Pointe Class$18.00(3/4 hour)
Intermediate Ballet$19.50(1 hour)
Hip Hop
Junior$18.00(3/4 hour)
Intermediate$19.50(1 hour)
Senior$19.50(1 hour)
 Advanced$19.50(1 hour)
Hip Hop Crew$25.00(1 1/4 hour)
Junior$18.00(3/4 hour)
Intermediate$19.50(1 hour)
Senior + Advanced$19.50(1 hour)
Junior$19.50(1 hour)
Intermediate$19.50(1 hour)
Senior$19.50(1 hour)
Advanced$19.50(1 hour)
Invitation Only$19.50(1 hour)
Glenn Wood Level 7$18.00(3/4 hour)
Glenn Wood Level 10+$18.00(3/4 hour)
Private Lesson$55.00(1/2 hour)

A bonus 10% early payment discount will be offered to all families who pay their fees on time. A free class per week will be given to those families or individuals that attend a minimum of 6 classes in a week, any additional classes attended per week after the 6th class FREE, will be offered at HALF PRICE.

If you are a new student, the first class you attend in the year will be free.

All Term Fees not paid in full by the due date, will receive a revised invoice, that will not include the 10% early payment discount.

All Term Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, all missed lessons must be paid for.

Term Fees are calculated in the following way: Class cost per week x number of weeks in the term, less 10% early payment discount. GST is calculated separately and added to the final amount due.