Price List

2021 Price List

All prices listed are per class and are inclusive of GST.

Online Classes with Zoom Pricelist:

30 minute class$10.00(30 mins)
45 minute class$12.00(45 mins)
50 minute class$14.00(50 mins)
60 minute class$16.00(60 mins)

Whilst TBDA classes remain online, no further discounts will be issued. The 10% bonus early payment discount will not apply for online classes, as the price of online classes are already heavily discounted.

2021 Price List (face to face, studio classes)

All prices listed are per class and are inclusive of GST.

Ballet – Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
Toddlers, Pre Primary Ballet$17.00(30 mins)
Primary Ballet$18.50(45 mins)
Grade 1, Grade 2 Ballet$18.50(45 mins)
Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 Ballet$20.00(60 mins)
Grade 6 Ballet$19.50(55 mins)
Grade 8 “exam” Ballet$19.00(50 mins)
Grade 8 “new” Ballet$19.50(55 mins)
Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8 Ballet$20.00(60 mins)
Pointe Class$18.50(45 mins)
Intermediate Ballet$19.00(50 mins)
Intermediate Ballet$19.50(55 mins)
Advanced Foundation Ballet$20.00(60 mins)
Hip Hop
Junior (6yrs & up)$18.50(45 mins)
Intermediate (10yrs & up)$20.00(1 hour)
Senior (13yrs & up)$20.00(1 hour)
Advanced (15yrs & up)$20.00(1 hour)
Junior Hip Hop Crew (10-15yrs)$22.00(1 hour)
Junior (6yrs & up)$18.50(45 mins)
Intermediate (9yrs & up)$20.00(60 mins)
Advanced (14yrs & up)$20.00(60 mins)
Adults Dance Class (NEW CLASS)$20.00(60 mins)
Junior (8yrs & up)$20.00(60 mins)
Intermediate (11yrs & up)$19.50(55 mins)
Senior (13yrs & up)$20.00(60 mins)
Advanced (15yrs & up)$19.00(50 mins)
Invitation 2 (18yrs & up)$19.50(55 mins)
Invitation 1 (20yrs & up)$20.00(60 mins)
(10yrs & up)$19.00(50 mins)
Private Lesson$55.00(30 mins)

A bonus 10% early payment discount will be offered to all families who pay their fees on time.

A free class per week will be given to those families or individuals that attend a minimum of 6 classes in a week, any additional classes attended per week after the 6th class FREE, will be offered at HALF PRICE.

If you are a new student, the first class you attend in the year will be FREE.

All Term Fees not paid in full by the due date, will receive a revised invoice, that will not include the discount.

All Term Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, all missed lessons must be paid for.

Term Fees are calculated in the following way: Class cost per week x number of weeks in the term, less 10% early payment discount. GST is calculated separately and added to the final amount due. All Invoices are issued via email and are due to be by week 2 of each term.